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Misioneros de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Missionaries), better known as Guadalupe Fathers in Kenya, was founded by the Episcopal Conference of Medco in October 1949. Following the approval of its Constitution in 1953 and elevation to the status of Society of Apostolic Mission the congregation became officially known as Instituto de Santa Maria de Guadalupe para los Misiones Extranjeras: Le. The Institute of Holy Mary of Guadalupe for Foreign Mission. As Missionaries, Guadalupe Fathers respond to Christ’s mandate. “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Matt 28:19). Thus, their main charism is to participate directly in evangelizing non-Christians in places that are assigned to them by the Holy Father, with special attention to the promotion and formation of agents of evangelization

On 30th December 1968, Guadalupe Fathers came to Nairobi being a central and convenient place, searching for a house that would serve as a regional residence. As fate would have it though the then Bishop of Nairobi, Rt. Rev. John Joseph McCarthy Instead offered them a piece of land on which to open a Mission and construct a house.
And so, it was that an agreement between the Diocese of Nairobi and Guadalupe Missionaries was signed for the subsequent establishment of a Mission in Woodley area, to respond to both spiritual and socio-economic needs of families within Woodley and Jamhuri estates as well as the greater Kibera informal settlement. The Christians used to call and refer to the priests as Wazungu wa Guadalupe, loosely translated as “The White men of Guadalupe”. 

Parish Vision and Mission: With the involvement of parishioners, the Parish formulates a periodic Strategic Plan of Evangelization complete with a vision, mission, goal, core objectives and activities. The activities are evaluated at the end of strategic plane setting pace for the following plan of action. The last evaluation was conducted in 2016 and a Five-Year Strategic Plan of Action (2017-2021) set thereafter with the following Vision and Mission.
Vision: To be rooted in the Joy of the Gospel.

Conclusion: Brothers and sisters, blessings come to us in many different forms. As we have seen, many people have been part of the journey of fifty years of the foundation of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Community from its modest beginnings of a simple dream of finding a residence to the prophetic providence of land and a whole mission, a handful of spirit-filled Christians to today, where we have a massive crowd of young and old alike, gathered to the brims of an overflowing Church. Some of our brothers and sisters have since been called home to be with the Lord. Others have moved, changing residences and in a few cases, religion. Yet for us, we have not merited to be here except that Our Lord has wished that we be part of this great historic celebration of evangelization.

We thank all those who were involved in the foundation of this great sanctuary which we all trust, as was prophesied by the Servant of God, Maurice Cardinal Otunga, will soon become a Shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe.
As milestones are made and time moves on this history of Our Lady of Guadalupe Community will continue to take different angles. Just as in the past, new names and faces will emerge as others are obliterated. Leaders will come and they will be replaced. Your name may not have been mentioned here, but rest assured that you are in all aspects part of the great of this foundation. Because for us, one thing will always remain; and that is the special devotion to Our Mother of Guadalupe that we share.

The Mother of all who live united, who love her and who have confidence in her, we can all rightfully call ourselves Guadalupe Missionaries. And like Juan Diego, we too are little ones humble, simple, poor, marginalized, voiceless, weary and burdened.
Our tolls, weariness and challenges at different stages during this fifty-year journey cannot be taken for granted. No one knows that better than our own Mother, the Virgin of Guadalupe. As we reflect on her words of promise which are as real for us today as they were over 500 years ago to a humble Indian convert, Juan Diego: “I will enrich you and glorify you, and you will greatly merit that I repay your weariness, your service with which you will request this matter to which I send you. Now my son, my smallest one, you have heard my voice: go and do everything the best you can” (NM No. 35-37);
..let us go and do everything the best we can; all for the glory of God, and live to celebrate another milestone at this sanctuary

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