Catholic Men Association Diocesan Meeting


The Meeting Before Starting at Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall

The meeting is being chaired by the coordinator of the region of Nairobi. The attendance is thirty Catholic Men Association members. The presence of the parish Priest was welcoming.


Catholic Men Association is a Catholic group that brings together the Catholic men in a cohesive manner for a common input and output and the betterment of the men spiritual growth.

CMA offers men the opportunity to participate in church activities hence grow spiritually, economically through the social development project an initiative of the Cardinal popularly known as the microfinance where one can save and borrow at only 10% interest rate per annum and participates in each other’s social activities.

The meeting is intended to bring together all the CMA members of the region of Nairobi together and discuss some few matters concerning them and what they should lay down for the next year.

Photos of the meeting

“We are to increase our visits to one another and encourage one another. Men are really struggling during this current society with COVID-19.”

“Trust in God in all your doing.”

The Moderator advised everyone to read the book “Life After The Pandemic” by Pope Francis, the is published by the Paulines Publication.


On 26th September, 2020 there will be a meeting that will be held at Cardinal Otunga Plaza for the moderator per Parish at Nine (9) AM

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