When I think about the tribulations I have overcome, I am moved to confess
that I could not have faced it all myself.” Many of us may likely have had this
sentiment at one time or another.
You may have likely made it out of a serious illness, economic meltdown or the
loss of a close friend or family. Looking back in my life, I feel that I was able to
go from day to day only because God’s Holy Spirit provided me with “power
beyond what is normal.” (2Corinthians 4:7-9.)
Besides being our spiritual tutor, God’s Holy Spirit is also our shield against the
wicked humans and spirit forces of this wicked world. (1John 5:19, Ephesians
6:12). So, how does the spirit aid us?
God’s Spirit helps us by giving us the power, or strength, to fulfill our
responsibilities despite trials. Just like Apostle Paul, the spirit enables us to keep
going despite numerous trials. At some point, we may feel overwhelmed and
even call for God to remove our trials, but he does not, for He knows he has
amply fortified us.
God’s Holy Spirit also like a favorable wind in our sails, moves us forward in a
stormy sea. When we are not sure of the course our lives or situations will take,
the Spirit comes and charts our course.
During these COVID-19 times, we are faced with fear, anxiety and uncertainty
for ourselves, our families and what the future holds for us. But how do we
respond to these? Not by our own power, but through the power of God,
through the Spirit that fortifies us.
In the Gospel today, Jesus made the promise of the “Helper” who came to us at
Pentecost. The Spirit has always been with us, in our hour of need. This may be
our weakest hour of need, so we pray that the Spirit will see us through.

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